5345 E 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46218 | Granger Brown

5345 E 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Financial Details
Current Rent$850
Property StatusSold
Purchased with financing:
Cap Rate21.40%
Annual Income$3,847.00
Monthly Income$321.00
Down Payment$15,400
Purchased with all cash:
Cap Rate10.40%
Annual Income $8,044.00
Monthly Income $670.00
Property Details
Year Built1923
Square Feet1632 sqft
Bathrooms 1
Lease TermPending Lease
HOA Fees*$0.00
Property Management Fee*$59.50
* Fees are estimated monthly values
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39.7959787, -86.07639
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Financing Options

Our properties have the ability to qualify for conventional loans in which our buyers can purchase these properties with 20% down or less. Based on current rents this could potentially increase the returns of each property. If needed we can refer you to different lending institutions.

Property Management Details

Having a competent and efficient property manager can be extremely important in the process of owning rental homes. If needed we can recommend you to a few different property managers.

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