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FINDING AND BUYING INVESTMENT PROPERTIES CAN BE STRESSFUL AND UNCERTAIN... That’s why our ready-for-inspection properties can absolutely make the difference. It's not easier for us to bring you inspection-ready homes… it easier for you, and that's why we do it.  You'll be more confident and be able to deploy capital faster.

Our story began quietly long before Indy became a "vogue" rental market. Following the 2008/9 financial crisis, our team began to scour Indianapolis for hundreds of long-term rental homes to buy-and-hold for Danny Granger an NBA All-Star, then playing for the Indiana Pacers. It was a total success and he got what he wanted; he retired before his contract was even up by replacing his NBA income with home-grown Indy rental income!

Now our experience in buying-to-hold for Danny can fill your quota too. After  deploying more than $80Million in a relatively small market area, this team has seen the good the bad and the ugly, and the results have been hundreds of actual performing assets… and experience.  It's time now to get a few for yourself.  

Happy Hunting!